KISS has always been my favorite band! I have been a fan since junior high (I'm 47 now). This is my page dedicated to KISS! I have a lot of great KISS links, photos, a complete discography, and a pamphlet I received at a KISS concert in Beaumont, TX. I hope you enjoy my page - if you do, or don't, email me and tell me about it!

KISS Links

KISS Pamphlet

This is a pamphlet I was given outside the Beaumont Civic Center, before I went in to see KISS. I didn't look at it until later; I thought it was a program or something. I was really surprised when I got home and actually read it! I broke it up into parts so it wouldn't take forever to load the whole thing. Remember, this pamphlet was about 13 years old, so it wasn't in the best shape!


These are a couple of the KISS items available at Click and search for more!